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Have you ignored any of these maintenence issues?

Ignoring a problem with your car usually ends up costing you in the long run.  Usually, people end up thinking that it will go away or that they can solve the problem on their own. Unfortunately, this usually doesn’t end up happening and the problem is more costly than it would have been if caught early.
Here are the top 3 common car maintenance issues to pay attention to:
  1. Staying on schedule with your oil change. Skipping an oil change is bad for your car and easy to keep track of.
  2. Don’t ignore the Check Engine light. It comes on for a reason so simply contact Mancinelli’s when you see it so we can determine the cause of the light.
  3. Ignoring your tires. When is the last time that you checked your tire pressure? Have you inspected the tires for damage? Take a second every month to make sure they are safely carrying you around.
You should always count on getting professional help when you notice a new smell or noise. We are always here for you to answer all of your maintenance issues right away.