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Why You Should Visit A Denver Auto Repair Shop Before A Road Trip

February 15, 2017

Winter will soon be over, which means many people will hit the road to go on fun road trips during the warm spring and summer months. Do you plan on taking any long trips this year? If so, you should know the importance of visiting a Denver auto repair shop before your trip begins. Here’s what the auto repair experts at Mancinelli’s Auto Repair can do to ensure you make it to your destination safely:

Check the fluids.

An auto repair specialist will pop your car’s hood to take a look at your fluid levels. This includes the oil, coolant, windshield wash, and brake fluid, which all play an important role in keeping you safe. You may not think something as minor as windshield wash is important, but it comes in handy when you need to improve visibility and clean streaks that may be on your windshield.

Measure your tire pressure.

A flat tire is definitely not a great way to start your road trip, so make sure you ask an auto repair specialist to check your tire pressure before you begin your trip. Look inside your owner’s manual or check the inside of your driver’s door to find out the ideal tire pressure for your car. If any tires are low, an auto repair specialist can fill them with air, look for signs of leaks, or even replace your tire if needed. If everything checks out ok, you should also ask the auto repair specialist to measure the tire pressure of your spare tire. After all, a spare tire won’t be of any use if it’s flat when you need it! Learn how to check tire pressure in case you ever need to do it on your own.

Ensure all lights are working.

If your headlights, brake lights, tail lights or turning signal lights are out, you’re putting yourself in danger when you drive at night. That’s why it’s important to stop in to an auto repair shop and have someone check that everything is functioning properly. If any light is out, this should be fixed right away so you can stay safe—and avoid a ticket—on the road.

Get an oil change.

Long trips can put a lot of stress on your engine, so it’s best to get an oil change prior to leaving. Many drivers add extra oil to their vehicle before a trip, but this isn’t as effective as getting an oil change because it doesn’t remove the sludge from your vehicle. Unless you’ve recently had your oil changed, always add this to your to-do list before leaving on a road trip.

If you’re planning a road trip, don’t forget to schedule an appointment with the experts at Mancinelli’s Auto Repair Center. You can request an auto repair appointment with Mancinelli’s Auto Repair Center online, or you can also text us at 303-778-9761. We have same day services available on most work and we also offer our customers access to a convenient, free shuttle to make sure you and your vehicle are taken care of.

Auto Shop in Denver Explains the Importance of Oil Change

February 8, 2017

When that little light in your car turns on that signals you need an oil change, do you ignore it or schedule one right away? Many people tend to put off getting an oil change because they don’t understand why this service is needed. Why is getting an oil change so important? According to the experts at Mancinelli’s Auto Repair Center, an auto shop in Denver, these are the reasons:

Oil cools the engine.

The various moving components of the engine require the lubrication from oil to stay cool. Without oil, these components will rub together and create friction, which will generate heat. If you continue to drive without getting an oil change, this could eventually cause your engine to overheat.

Gets rid of sludge.

If you leave oil in your car long enough, it will eventually turn into a thick substance known as sludge, which is not good for your engine. Luckily, the professionals who perform your oil change will check for sludge and remove it before it damages your engine.

Improves fuel efficiency.

If you don’t have clean oil, your car will not be as efficient when it comes to fuel consumption. In fact, it’s estimated that you can improve your fuel efficiency by about 1-2% if you regularly change your oil. This may not seem like much, but saving 1-2% every time you fill your tank can quickly add up.

Protects your investment.

Cars are expensive, so you should do everything you can to protect your investment, including getting regular oil changes. If you ever plan on selling your car, it’s possible you could ask for more money if you can show you’ve kept up with maintenance. Every time you get an oil change, ask for a receipt and keep it in a safe place so you have proof of the many times you’ve had your car serviced by a professional. Learn more about how to maintain the value of your car.

Now that you know the importance of oil changes, are you ready to schedule yours? It’s recommended that you get an oil change every 3,000 to 5,000 miles that you drive, however this may vary depending on the type of car you drive and the type of oil used during your last change. Synthetic oil is designed to last longer than standard oil, so you may not have to come back as much if you use this type of oil. It’s best to always consult with your mechanic about what type of oil to use and when you should come back for your next oil change.

If it’s time for a tune up, don’t trust just anyone with your car—rely on the experts at Mancinelli’s Auto Repair Center. You can request an auto repair appointment with Mancinelli’s Auto Repair Center online, or you can also text us at 303-778-9761. We have same day services available on most work and we also offer our customers access to a convenient, free shuttle to make sure you and your vehicle are taken care of.

Adopt a Mancinelli's Puppy

You can give back simply by being a client!

January 7, 2017

Between January 3rd and February 28th, you can adopt one of these cuddly pups for $20 with ALL money being donated to our local no-kill animal shelter, Maxfund. Additionally, if you spend $300 or more on your vehicle during that time, we will give you the puppy of your choice and donate 5% of the parts and labor total of your invoice (up to $50) to Maxfund.

Each puppy will come with an adoption certificate and everyone's name will be submitted to Maxfund along with the total donation.

 Help out this great cause and schedule your appointment here!


Newcomers to Colorado prepare for driving in the snow for the first time

Link from KDVR 31

December 6, 2016

Read what Fox31 and Steve Mancinelli have to say about driving in the winter. For the direct link, click here.

DENVER -- Driving in the snow is challenging for anyone. Especially for the thousands of newcomers to Colorado, some of whom will be driving in heavy snow for the first time.

Experts say it starts with tires. Colorado traction laws require drivers to replace worn-out tires for snow driving.

Try the penny test to see if tread is good. Lincoln's head should be partially covered with tread. Also, tires lose pressure more easily in the cold.

"Having proper tread so that depending on what the surface is, you get decent grip and traction in the snow is pretty crucial," said Steve Mancinelli with Mancinelli's Auto Repair.

Batteries should also be checked so drivers don't get stranded. And if coolant is low, turning on the heat will only result in cold air.

If it's snowing and visibility is low, the Colorado State Patrol advises drivers to leave headlights on.

"Anything that can alert somebody ahead of your or behind you that you're there is a good thing to do," Mancinelli said.

And good, functioning windshield wipers are often overlooked.

"(Tuesday's) snow is not the time to find out that you can't see through the windshield," Mancinelli said.

Safe Winter Driving

December 6, 2016

You can always rely on Mancinelli’s to get your car through a Colorado winter when you prepare with winter maintenance, but you might need a few reminders when the snow and ice hits.

Make Sure You Can See and Be Seen

Your windshield wipers should probably be replaced with a winter or all season driving blade and your windshield should be cleaned on the inside. Keeping an extra bottle of wiper fluid during the snowy months is also a great idea. Defroster effectiveness is essential in the initial clearing of snow and ice from your windshield and should be checked well in advance of when you will need to use it. Your headlights need to be clean or even restored so you can see and be seen during those snowy nights.

Tire Tread

If your tread is getting low, your capability to drive on a slippery wet road will put you out of control. When in doubt, get new tires and make sure your traction is where it needs to be. Your tire pressure changes during the summer and winter months, so checking your tire pressure frequently can help keep you safe as well. A good set of snow tires are great but they will slide on ice and packed snow.

Slow down

This seems the most obvious but we get caught up with the “I’m from Colorado, I can drive in the snow,” mentality. A lot of other drivers might not have the same experience as you, so slowing down for everyone is best to keep you safe and preventing an accident, especially fender benders. Locking your brakes on glazed ice will cause a loss of steering and control so get a feel for the road to test your steering and braking ability when you first start out on a snow filled trip. 

Scheduling an online appointment is easy to make sure you are ready for the cold months ahead by clicking here. You can also text us at 303-778-9761. We have same day service available on most work and our free shuttle can make sure you and your vehicle are taken care of.