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Fuel Induction Services

Removing the carbon build-up in the engine so it can run more efficiently and extend the life of the vehicle, and this is very important for the Audi and VW vehicles with direct fuel injection because the combustion chamber is carboning up and affecting the compression rings holding it together, which makes the car burn more oil. Getting fuel induction services is like getting your teeth cleaned. :-) Your car will have more snap off the line when it’s performing like its designed to perform. These services will help you over the long term if you want to keep your car running for a long time.

If you’ve got a vehicle equipped with a precisely engineered high-performance engine or direct injection technology, a fuel induction service now can help you avoid a costly auto repair later, and likely sooner than you realize. Motorists who are living or working in or near Downtown Denver trust the team of auto mechanics at Mancinelli’s Auto Repair Center for fuel induction services.

Here’s the dirty truth, straight up: Modern vehicle engines are precisely engineered. As owners, we subject them to inconsistent fuel formulations and inferior motor oils that come into contact with engine valves, pistons, cylinder, and other components not designed for the abuse those fluids inflict. For example, here in the U.S., those poor quality fluids result in incomplete fuel combustion in the engines of European and Asian vehicles -- which Mancinelli’s Auto Repair Center specializes in. Specifically, carbon deposits are building upon engine valves, oil blowby directly into engine cylinders is occurring, and engine sludge is accumulating in these sensitive engines. The result is a premature engine failure.

Most dealerships don’t bother with fuel induction service, as they are primarily concerned with getting the vehicle past its warranty period, but the damage is accumulating. And those dealerships, as well as most independent shops, don’t realize that almost all American made motor oils don’t even come close to meeting the motor oil standards elsewhere, including for fully synthetic. Consider Mercedes, BMW and Audi/VW models. The same vehicles in Europe, where rules are much higher, aren’t having the sludge, carbon and other issues showing up there. Mancinelli’s Auto Repair Center and its auto mechanics stand out because they know this; hence their recommendations to use Euro spec motor oils and have fuel induction service performed periodically. 

Besides delivering stellar auto repair and service expertise, providing clients with an outstanding customer experience makes Mancinelli’s Auto Repair Center the market leader in Downtown Denver. We like surprising customers with unexpected giveaways that brighten their days, respect their time by providing a variety of ride and vehicle pickup/delivery options, and more. And most importantly, we value your feedback, since it allows for a critical measure that drives our business forward.

“I've only been to Mancinelli’s Auto Repair Center a few times at this point, but I'm not planning to go anywhere else. Not only are they centrally located (and right down the street from me), but above all, they're kind, honest, and thorough. I echo others' comments about the level of communication - they keep me updated on my car's progress while it's in the shop, even if it's for a two-hour inspection and oil change. They send me reminders when maintenance is due, as well as holiday and customer appreciation cards. They seem to truly value their customers, and it shows in all ways that they conduct their business. I'm so glad I found Mancinelli's!” -- Elizabeth G.

If your vehicle needs a fuel induction service needs attention, you aren’t sure, or you have any other auto repair and service concerns, choose Mancinelli’s Auto Repair Center. Its auto mechanics and service advisors will deliver the impeccable honesty, expertise, and professionalism you expect and deserve for your vehicle. We invite you to please call us, schedule an appointment, or visit us at 375 Logan St. Denver, CO 80203 between the hours of 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m, Monday through Friday. Providing unmatched performance and “peace of mind” certainty, without compromise, is why so many of our new customers become clients for life.

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