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How Can Your Shop Help You Buy or Sell a Hybrid or EV?

Let’s face it: All vehicles age, get tired and develop performance problems over time. This includes conventional gas-guzzlers and electric vehicles (EVs) —which include hybrid, plug-in and all-electric vehicles we see more and more of. Like traditional other vehicles, EV owners face four critical decisions: 1) Do I buy new or used? 2) When should I sell? 3) Is there a better way to know when? 4) Who should I trust to care for my EV and help me find those answers?   EV Ownership Has Pros and Cons During the early years of EV ownership, regular routine maintenance costs are lower than fuel-powered vehicles. In addition, so are the operating costs. In fact, the more gas prices rise, the greater the savings EV owners realize. But all vehicles, even EVs, can get begin to show signs of wear and tear. When high voltage components in EVs begin to wear out, owners may soon face shocking replacement costs. An EV-savvy service and repair shop can make a huge diffe ... read more


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