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Monthly Archives: August 2018

Why Your Vehicle Needs a Health Checkup?

Doctor, Doctor, Gimme the News … History provides many insights. For instance, consider this prophetic quote from over 50 years ago: “In 1965 [more than 50 years ago], a car mechanic needed to understand 5,000 pages of service manuals to fix any automobile on the road. Today, with the advent of high-tech electronics, that same mechanic must be able to decipher 465,000 pages of technical text--the equivalent of 250 big-city phone books.” — Elizabeth Dole, U.S. Secretary of Labor, October 26, 1989 Finding State-of-the-Art Vehicle Care is a Challenge for Car Owners   It’s now 2018, nearly thirty years later. Most of the automotive service and repair data that was once an old hard copy manual has been supplanted by bits and bytes and is now available electronically. But make no mistake: the volume of repair and service information that an auto mechanic needs to be able to access, navigate, understand, and apply today is astronomical. We call that Prog ... read more


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