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Monthly Archives: October 2020

4 Signs it’s Time for a Fuel Induction Service

4 Signs it’s Time for a Fuel Induction Service

Does it seem like once you fill up your gas tank, you have to refill your vehicle in a matter of days? Chances are your car isn't getting good gas mileage. Your engine works hard, and over time fuel deposits can accumulate on the inside. These fuel deposits prevent your engine from performing its best. And over time, they can significantly reduce fuel efficiency. A fuel induction clears out carbon deposits and other harmful builds, preventing them from entering the engine. It is the most effective solution for enhancing drivability and fuel efficiency. Below are four signs it's time for a fuel induction service. Your vehicle takes a long time to accelerate.  The drive feels rougher over time. Your car shakes while idling.  Your vehicle is becoming a gas guzzler.  Your vehicle hesitates when accelerating. Only top-of-the-line ASE Certified Specialists perform fuel induction services at Mancinelli's Auto Repair Center. The fuel induction service includes a ... read more


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