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Are Flying Cars Likely To Happen?

Absolutely. Flying vehicles are starting to pop up around the world. This is no longer a futuristic idea. It may not look like the photo above, but no one really knows what the future holds. What we DO know is that from do-it-yourselfers to big companies like Boeing to governments like Japan, there are new prototypes being developed every day. Some of the technology is reminiscent of the George Jetson era, and some of it is more drone-driven. 

Companies like Amazon are striving for drone-delivered packages. Japan is wanting to clear the streets of congestion and smog. Boeing is wanting to lead the pack with automated multi-passenger cars and product delivery options. What will it look like when we start flying into town to drop our kiddos off to soccer practice and ballet? From where I’m sitting, a little scary and a lot of fun!

This technology hasn’t evolved as many predicted back in the ’80s, but it is still on its way, and nothing can stop it. Even though we love our road cars, who’s to say that we won’t love our flying cars even more? Although there is nothing like the feel of the steering wheel when your car hugs a tight curve just right or when you fully open up the throttle on a straight away. There will be new thrills, but nothing can change how much we love our automobiles and the freedom they represent. 

Currently, there are more than 100 prototypes being evaluated and developed. It’s not just Boeing, it’s also Airbus, Ehang, Volocopter, Kitty Hawk, Uber Elevate, Terrafugia, and PAL-V in the running for flying car production. Aerial taxis and delivery modalities are a significant focus along with the one-man show options. 

Most of this technology is focusing on hybrid and electric options. The environment is a key focus as well as easing traffic congestions. Japan has its sights set on this technology being in full force by the mid ’20s. They want most of their product delivery and taxi options to be done through the skies. Imagine being able to drive down I-25 through Denver with no traffic! Or FLY down the airways version, also without any traffic! Better yet… no black ice! 

Not only will flying cars provide less pollution and traffic, but it also has the potential to really help us stay safe in our commutes. Yes, it opens up other avenues for safety issues, but if it’s done correctly, it will make our lives better, safer, easier. 

You won’t need to sell off your road-car quite yet. In fact, Mancinelli’s is here for you and your car for decades to come. We know that no matter how many people take to the skies, our love of the good old-fashioned automobile will never go out of style. We are here for YOU! When you need assistance with your existing vehicle, schedule an appointment online, or visit us. Mancinelli’s Auto Repair Center is located at 375 Logan Street, Denver, CO 80203.


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