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Auto Shop Denver Describes Available Vehicle Headlight Options

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One of the most overlooked safety features on any automobile can be found placed squarely on the front of all cars, trucks, vans, and any vehicle. Headlights serve to keep motorists alert of their surroundings when night falls but can also make the vehicle more visible at other times as well. At Mancinelli’s Auto Shop in Denver safety is of the utmost importance. From changing a headlight to discussing the difference between various types of light, their experts are always ready and willing to help with any automobile need.

After years of cars featuring similar, if not the same, type of incandescent lighting, recent technological innovations have increased both the efficiency and production of lighting. Changes were first noticed inside the family home but have since transitioned to the driveway and onto the vehicles parked there.

Each of the following offers varying degrees of light production, cost, performance, and longevity. Also, while the car make and model are the two most important factors for determining the type of lighting system used, many older model vehicles can be updated with a more efficient or productive light source.


While incandescent lights were used for a long amount of time, the old style bulb produced a lot of heat with little durability or burn length. Compared to newer technology the amount of light produced was not as good and manufacturers began to replace these with halogen lights.

Halogen lights burn longer, produce more light, and are smaller, making them cheaper and more replaceable. However, the length of light produced remains an issue when compared to some of the more modern options listed below.


HID, high intensity discharge lights produce a light source three times better when compared to halogens. However, while the light may be brighter it cannot be as quickly dimmed and takes more time powering up to full immersion.

Since their inception, the blue colored lights have produced ample amounts of bright lights for the housing vehicle while causing issue for other motorists on the road. Other cars complain of a “blinding” light being produced from cars and other automobiles using an HID or Xenon lighting system.


One of the more recent options available in the automobile industry includes LED lights. LED lights last longer while producing an ample and consistent amount of light. Further, LED lights do not burn hot and haven’t been surrounded by the complaints of the HID associated blue light.

There are multiple advantages of LED headlights and many manufacturers in the industry are now making them standard on all makes and models. The LED lights produce a comparative amount of light to its’ HID counterpart but can be dimmed easily while reaching full illumination immediately.

The experts at Mancinelli’s Auto Repair Center can assist by answering any questions you have or replacing existing headlights when necessary. A full review and inspection of your automobile can be completed in a timely manner, keeping the lights on and ensuring the safety of you and other motorists at night. Leave your vehicle with someone you trust as most services can be administered the same day. Request an appointment online or call today.

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