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Can Fall Leaves Harm Your Vehicle?

There's truly nothing more breathtaking than seeing the autumn leaves contrasting with the Denver, CO, mountains. However, when these leaves start to fall, they can be a real burden for you and your vehicle. You might not think about it, but fall leaves can damage your car.

First of all, they present many dangers on the roadways, making it more difficult for your wheels to grasp the road. As a result, you may slip, slide, and have a hard time braking. 

Furthermore, the leaves can damage the paint on your vehicle. If these leaves sit on your car for an extended amount of time, they can damage your paint. The damage is due to the substances found on leaves, like pollen, sap, and acid. 

Leaves can do more than just external damage – they can also do a number on your internal parts. To begin with, they can clog up your air filter, leading to dirty and inefficient airflow. The autumn petals can also clog the drains in your vehicle. Therefore, to prevent any sort of damage, it's imperative to keep those pesky leaves off of your car.


Here are some essential fall maintenance tips to follow if you want to avoid these types of damages.

  • Park your car under a cover or store it in a garage. 
  • Keep your vehicle away from trees.
  • Remove leaves daily. 
  • Wash your car frequently and apply a coat of wax for optimal paint protection

These beautiful autumnal leaves don't need to be the downfall of your vehicle! If you require repairs from previous leaf damage or any other type of damage, please consider Mancinelli's Auto Repair Center. Please call us at (720) 330-3807 or visit our shop in Denver, CO, today!

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