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Can you Drive Your Car with Faulty Spark Plugs?

Spark plugs are components of a vehicle engine made with durable materials that can withstand multiple explosions before they wear out and start producing weaker sparks. The plugs produce electric sparks that ignite the fuel and air mixture in the engine cylinders.

The spark plugs are an essential part of the ignition system and have a limited lifespan. Without functioning spark plugs, your vehicle may not move because it needs the combustion process possible with the energy produced by the plugs. It will require the expertise of a professional to replace the faulty plugs that are identified by:

Engine Misfires
Malfunctioning spark plugs can make an engine stop for a while and resume its normal functioning. It can happen when you are driving. The engine can also sound rough when idle. The misfires affect the proper functioning of your car's engine due to failing spark plugs that have no power to ignite the fuel-air mixture. Taking your car to a well-known auto repair shop as soon as you notice the misfires is vital to prevent further issues within your vehicle's engine, including a defective catalytic converter.

Starting Troubles
Since the spark plugs in your vehicle are bound to wear out because of their limited lifespan, it implies you will experience starting troubles when they fail. They will not be able to deliver power to the ignition system, affecting the normal functioning of your engine and the battery. If you recognize the problem, you should call an auto repair shop to replace the spark plugs.

Driving With Faulty Spark Plugs
Malfunctioning spark plugs cause engine problems including, misfires, hard starts, reduced gas mileage, rough idling, and lack of acceleration. Driving with a faulty spark plug will be difficult because the engine might fail to function.

After all, the worn-out spark plugs will not produce sparks to ignite the fuel mixture. If they start to deliver weak sparks before their maximum mileage, you might have a short time to drive to the nearest auto repair shop to get the plugs replaced, but the ride will not be smooth.

What next?
If you need spark plug replacement after experiencing any of the above symptoms, we invite you to bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop today!

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