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Celebrate Earth Day by Going Green with Your Vehicle

People are under the impression that the only way to be environmentally conscious is by switching to an electric vehicle. However, there are many ways you can go green without doing so. There are renewable fuels available. Furthermore, healthy practices can play a role in reducing emissions.


For instance, you can be more mindful of your tires and their pressure. Besides changing your tires on time, you can be proactive by checking its psi regularly. Running on underinflated tires can waste a lot of fuel and therefore reduce gas mileage. Getting into a habit of tire pressure checks will ensure you catch a deflated tire early on. 

Another way to limit your emissions is to declutter your vehicle and offload heavy and unnecessary items from your car. The extra weight will eat up your gas and increase emissions.


You can go green by driving more efficiently. First, make a habit of shifting gears smoothly. Secondly, learn how to operate at a slower pace on the road. Driving smoothly means you drive slower and avoid harsh and frequent braking. If you can control your momentum on the road, your car will become more efficient altogether. 


Last but not least, routine vehicle maintenance is key in to keeping your car running efficiently. If you stay on top of your automaker's maintenance schedule, it will save you money in the long run, reduce energy use, and limit pollution. Getting your oil changed or filters replaced can make a difference in running an efficient motor vehicle. 


If you have trouble keeping up with your vehicle's maintenance, don't worry -- the professionals at Mancinelli's Auto Repair Center can help you with all your auto tasks. There's no need for you to worry about vehicle breakdowns or wasting gas. Please call or visit our shop today if you are due for maintenance.

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