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Common Power Steering Issues

The power steering system is vital to the safety and drivability of today’s car. Even though this system has been around for many decades, they’ve evolved to be smoother and easier to operate. Most are a part of the electrical system instead of being a hydraulic system nowadays. Regardless of what kind of steering system you have, the professional mechanics at Manicinelli’s Auto Repair Center can service both.


Thanks to technology, electronic power steering systems don’t require as much maintenance. However, their repairs tend to be more complex to diagnose and fix. On the other hand, hydraulic power steering systems require more maintenance. To be specific, they require routine fluid checks and fluid exchanges. 


Over time, power steering fluid can get dark, dirty, corroded, and overall ineffective. Drivers with this kind of power steering require fresh fluid to seamlessly steer their vehicles. 


Below are the top 3 signs that indicate your car needs power steering repair

  • Screeching or groaning sounds when turning the wheel - When you catch unusual steering noises, it can be due to poor lubrication or a damaged belt relating to the steering system. It is best to have an experienced technician look into the problem.
  • Slower than normal steering response - A laggy response could indicate an issue with a power steering component that needs to be replaced. 
  • Steering wheel is tight - If your steering wheel is stiff or hard to turn, it is usually a fluid issue.

If you experience a power steering failure, please do not wait to bring your car, SUV, or truck to the repair specialists at Mancinelli’s Auto Repair.

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