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Denver Auto Center Tips: Top 3 Things Car Owners Forget to Check Before A Summer Road Trip

Road Trip

Summer is here and it’s a time where many people hit the road and travel throughout the beautiful state of Colorado. There are many things to do during the summer and practically all of them require a car, one of the integral parts of an adventurous summer. So before you pack the car full of camping gear and drive west, make sure you follow these tips from your Denver auto maintenance shop to keep your car moving for all your summer adventures.

Motor Oil & Other Fluids

Oil is a critical substance needed for a functional engine. It keeps your car motor from being damaged by keeping it cool and lubricated. Without oil, your car is sure to overheat in the hot summer weather and your motor could be damaged beyond repair. Before heading out for your next road trip, make sure your motor oil is clean and at the right level. If you’re not sure how to check your oil - take it to a local auto shop in Denver and they can help.

It is recommended that you change your oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, but don’t just wait until you have driven 5,000 miles before you check your oil. Check it before any long car trips or generally once a month. Sometimes leaks can happen and you want to be prepared.

While you’re checking your oil - feel free to check your coolant, power steering fluid, brake fluid and windshield washer fluid. If you’re unsure about how to check these or where to check for them, ask your local mechanic. Learn more about car care tips - five fluids to check.

Tire Pressure

One important, and often overlooked component to car safety is tire pressure. Make sure you take the time to look at your tires and test the air pressure. If you need to get them filled up, your local Denver car repair center will take care of this for free or you can head to a local gas station and do it yourself. It’s best to take the time before a long road trip to make sure your tires are full and wearing properly. Often, tire wear patterns can tell a story. If your car alignment is off or other issues. The worst situation you can find yourself in is with a flat tire or a blown out sidewall, miles away from a mechanic. Many cars only have a spare donut tire, which caution driving under 50 mph for safety precautions.

Keep in mind, the front of your car bears the most weight so the tires in the front might appear as though they have less air in them. Keep a tire pressure gauge handy in your glove box for peace of mind.

Car Lights

Another component that car drivers overlook tend to be their headlights and taillights. These components of a car are extremely important for safety of you and your fellow drivers on the road. If your brake lights or blinker lights are burnt out, this can cause confusion on the road and could lead to an unwanted accident. Make sure these lights are working properly before hitting the road both in urban and rural environments.

Headlights are more visible to drivers since they are in front and help you see when the sun goes down. While driving on mountain roads at night, your headlights are extremely important. Make sure they are working properly and aren’t foggy. Many car headlights experience haziness and need to be polished to ensure proper function.

As you can see, auto maintenance is an ongoing operation. If it’s not interesting to you or you just can’t find the time, it’s important to work with your local mechanic. Mancinelli’s Auto Repair Center can help with all of these functions! Locally owned and operated on Logan and Speer for over 50 years, we are your go-to auto repair and car maintenance center in Denver. Contact us today!

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