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Denver Auto Repair Analysis on Start/Stop Technology


The automobile industry is continually being asked to help manage emissions while increasing fuel economy. One of the now prominent features implemented on vehicles in an effort to accomplish both aspects is start/stop engine technology. Mancinelli’s, a Denver auto repair shop can answer questions and is equipped to assist with any arising problems concerning the relatively new technology.

When operating on automatic transmissions, start/stop technology completely shuts down the engine once the automobile has come to a stop and the brake is continuously applied. Once lifted, the engine restarts helping to reduce exhaust while increasing fuel economy.

Fiat and Volkswagen were the first car manufacturers to use this technology but since most other companies have come on board. Ford and General Motors have more recently been placing the systems in specific automobiles from their organizations. Ford, in particular, began use of the technology in some of the newer F-150 trucks now on the road.


Increased fuel economy is evident with start/stop technology depending on driving conditions. Under normal circumstances most estimates are between three and six percent with increases based on commute types. Daily journeys requiring multiple starts and stops in traffic and at traffic lights have been estimated into the double-digits.

Another positive effect from start/stop technology use includes decreased emissions for the environment. Obviously if the vehicle’s engine is completely shut down as opposed to idling, emission production drops to zero.


The ever present wear on an engine is the first factor considered when start/stop technology began to be implemented. According to Jesse Crosse, technical editor of Autocar, increasing the number of stop-start cycles may impact your car’s engine.

“’A normal car without automatic stop-start can be expected to go through up to 50,000 stop-start events during its lifetime,’ says Gerhard Arnold, who is responsible for bearing design at Federal Mogul. ‘But with automatic stop-start being activated every time the car comes to a standstill, the figure rises dramatically, perhaps to as many as 500,000 stop-start cycles over the engine’s life.’”

Further, vibrations caused by the engine restarting have also been known to cause aggravation with drivers. “’You actually feel it restarting … In terrible stop-and-go traffic this thing comes on and off constantly. In 20 minutes you can have 50 stop-and-start cycles. It can drive you totally insane,’” was one comment from Dr. Keith Tao to Eric Taub of The New York Times.

For those drivers who do find the feature irritating it is often equipped with a setting to disengage the operation. Typically with the push of a button any driver can return the vehicle to a more standard operating procedure. However, electing to not operate the start/stop feature must be completed each and every time the vehicle is started.

Odds are your next vehicle will feature start/stop technology even if you have yet to experience driving with the system. The experts at Mancinelli’s Auto Repair Center can assist you in providing information on the functionality of the operation and repair any issues you may experience. Most services can be administered the same day so request an appointment online or call today.

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