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Denver Auto Repair Shop and the Indicators of a Weak Battery

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Almost everyone has been subject to the following situation at one point or another. It’s getting late, possibly starting to rain, and all you want to do is get home for a relaxing evening after a tough day at work or school. You fall into the driver’s seat of your automobile, place the key in the ignition and when turning it nothing happens. Confused, you repeat the process and still, nothing. Frustrated you try again and again and again but nothing changes, your vehicle doesn’t start and you’re the victim of a dead car battery.

If only you could've seen this scenario coming and taken action earlier. Had you known the battery was weak it could have been avoided and a replacement put in place prior to finding yourself stranded. While the battery, provided it’s not too far gone, can often be powered up through the process of jump starting - this requires another vehicle, jumper cables, and knowledge of the process.

Jump starting is defined as, “a method of starting a vehicle with a discharged starting battery.” A temporary connection is made between the battery of another vehicle in addition to the subject. The more common method focuses on giving power to the run down battery. Other power sources can also be used but connecting to another vehicle in order to gain power tends to be the most common practice.

If your engine begins to crank but won’t start and run effectively, then jump starting with the use of another vehicle is a good option and can typically fix the issue. However, cranking without a full start is a legitimate sign you’re battery is dead or dying.

Once started and when the battery is recharging, a vehicle owner should get to replace the battery as soon as possible. These actions controlled by the individual vehicle owner, can keep the vehicle on the road in order to find a replacement but the engine should not be turned off until reaching your final destination.

While the car battery ultimately determines the overall functionality of an automobile, when lights are out and gauges on the dashboard do not respond or indicate their predetermined measurement, often the battery is too blame.

Another indication of a battery on it’s last leg is the tendency for the cranking time to be amplified. As a battery wears in age the usefulness of it becomes obsolete. However, if the weakening of a unit can be properly diagnosed, or tested, and readily replaced the tendency for being stranded decreases dramatically.

Replacement prior to the battery becoming completely unusable is often the best option for a vehicle owner.

The experts at Mancinelli’s Auto Repair Center can answer questions regarding your battery or perform a test to check the life remaining inside your vehicle before it’s too late. Our ASE certified mechanics are fully trained and certified to work on multiple vehicle makes and models.. A full review and inspection of your automobile can be completed in a timely manner to keep your vehicle running both effectively and efficiently. Leave your auto with someone you know as most services can be administered the same day. Request an appointment online or call today.

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