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Denver Auto Repair Shop Discusses Fuel Efficiency

Fuel Indicator

The rising cost of fuel has motorists everywhere searching for the best buy at the pump. Especially, since Memorial Day has passed and summer approaches, road trips across the state and/or country are in season. Gas prices fluctuate daily and individuals are continually hoping to find the greatest bargain prior to filling up their tank.

Despite recent increases in fuel prices, the summer months are upon us meaning peak road trip season has arrived. Instead of pushing your vehicle to the limit and risk running out of gas, individuals can utilize these five cost-saving methods for fuel efficiency.

Any motorist electing to implement these simple changes and/or tune-ups will immediately notice a difference in their pocket book or wallet. Each of these has been proven to save a percentage of fuel efficiency and should be utilized to save money on gas.

Air Filter Replacement

The engine air filter is an often overlooked part when considering routine car maintenance. However, it’s ability to provide clean air to the engine intake can increase fuel efficiency by as much as 10-percent.

For this reason, the air filter should be either cleaned or replaced regularly to ensure the engine is running properly. Also, proper functionality will ensure greater gas mileage.

Vehicle Alignment

Likewise, drivers can ensure their vehicles continue functioning properly with regular tire alignments. Typically, alignments occur when new tires are utilized or at various mileage intervals.

Proper alignment, which can be easily checked, will benefit the fuel efficiency of any automobile.

Tire Pressure

Similar to tire alignment, ensuring each of a vehicle’s four tires is properly inflated can help to avoid repair fees later down the road. A portion of automobiles are currently running on underinflated tires leading to a loss in fuel economy.

Proper tire pressure and a continued focus on the amount of air in each of a vehicle’s tires can save money at the gas pump down the line.


Regular stopping and stopping will decrease the fuel economy of an automobile but a focus on smooth takeoffs and stops can save money. Likewise, decreasing one’s top speed while on the highway can help to save money in the long run as well.

According to Dan Shapley of Good Housekeeping, ten ways to save gas include reducing highway speed by five miles-per-hour can save you five-percent at the pump.

Let it Roll

An inability to let off the brake pedal leads to an increased production of expenses. Riding the brake not only hurts the interior of the automobile but can be less cost effective causing increased fuel usage. Instead, maintaining a smooth and steady pace will benefit fuel useage the best.

The experts at Mancinelli’s Auto Repair Center can assist you with a full tune-up to ensure your vehicle is getting the most cost-effective fuel economy available. All inspections and services will be completed by one of the many ASE certified technicians on hand to help you. Most services can be administered the same day so request an appointment online or call today.

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