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Denver Auto Repair Shop Highlights Car Cleanliness

Dirty Volkswagen

A good car wash will immediately improve the outward appearance of any automobile. Cars and trucks covered in dust, dirt and pollen normally don’t receive a second look unless their lack of cleanliness has been taken to extremes. Alternatively, clean and shiny vehicles command a presence both in the parking lot and on the road. Improving both the outward and inner cleanliness of your vehicle has benefits extending beyond perception according to at least one Denver auto repair shop.

Highlighting a few target areas along the exterior of any vehicle will immediately improve the car or truck’s appearance and presumably price if attempting to sell the automobile.


Windows need to be clear of any dust or debris and free of any streaking. While windows often are dirtied from the inside due to fingerprints, pets or smudges the outside can be subject to similar factors. Also, windshield wipers can often lead to streaking on the windshield which can be alleviated with a good cleaning.

Don’t forget the back glass, which is often overlooked, but needs just as much attention. Also, both the driver and passenger side mirrors should be cleaned and free of any potential distractions.


Even if you don’t have time for a full outside and inside cleaning, shining the tires on a vehicle both attracts attention to the cleaned area exuding an appearance of cleanliness. Also, tires often require minimal effort in order to assure a like-new shine.

Depending on the size of your automobile’s tires, the overall impact a clean set will have on the vehicle varies but by ridding tires of dust, dirt and debris an immediate and noticeable improvement will transpire.

Not only will focusing on these two outside areas improve the outward appearance of your automobile, but the benefits of keeping your car clean extend to the ownership role as well.

A clean car will increase safety while providing owners the ability to save on maintenance cost and even gas. Further, if interested in reselling a vehicle, one that is clean and well taken care of will demand a much higher resale value than a car or truck that has been denied a regular cleaning.

Clearing your automobile of clutter and excess dirt and debris will also increase the fuel efficiency. Taking into account what items belong in your vehicle on a daily basis and those that are just riding along can lead to an increase in savings at the fuel pump.

While car cleaning often refers to washing the exterior and possibly running a vacuum through the interior, removing excess materials from your vehicle can also have an impact. Do you really need to haul those golf clubs everywhere you go or only when headed to the course? Likely, unless you’re a professional golfer, removing the clubs is a possible first step in creating car cleanliness.

The experts at Mancinelli’s Auto Repair Center can assist you in general cleaning, routine maintenance or any repair needs. All services will be completed by one of the many ASE certified technicians on hand to serve you. Most services can be administered the same day so request an appointment online or call today.

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