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Vehicle owners typically find themselves in one of two camps when determining their next purchase. One thought process is to always buy a car new. You won’t be taken advantage of in terms of liabilities associated with the vehicle, they often come with a warranty, and you can often pick and choose particulars associated with the automobile.

Color, available options, wheels, and other components can be predetermined and even manufactured if not readily available elsewhere for a consumer to find and purchase. These benefits do not come to those who ascertain pre-owned or used cars make the best purchases.

While you won’t get to pick the specifics, a pre-owned vehicle comes at a dramatically reduced price when compared to their newer counterparts. Depending on the make and model, some vehicles decrease in price once they leave the lot. Those who decide to buy their cars second-hand typically receive more bang for their buck on a vehicle purchase.

However, the fear of not knowing a car’s history can be detrimental. In addition, other damages could be hidden or maintenance services needed that will not be disclosed by the seller. According to Edmunds, over 38.5 million used vehicles were sold in 2016, but how many people took time to ensure they were getting everything for which they bargained?

Far too often people will rely on a quick and simple test drive before writing a check or handing over the cash needed to purchase their next car. Even with the reduced prices enjoyed by those who purchased used cars and trucks, parting with what is typically a fair amount of cash should require further inspection.

According to Edmunds, three main factors are associated with consumers not wanting to inspect that used car before buying.

  1. Most consumers don’t know that good used car inspections are readily available.
  2. Many car buyers don’t want to pay the extra money for an inspection.
  3. Some people anticipate a hassle prying the car away from a dealer or private party.

Those on the opposite end of the spectrum, the sellers can also benefit from having a vehicle inspection completed prior to listing the car. Consumers who may be interested will rest at ease knowing a certified mechanic has given the car his seal of approval and buy with confidence.

Another option is to slightly increase the “asking price” and then offer to pay for the inspection at the buyer’s request. This way, the buyer can choose who performs the inspection without fear of having to pocket the expense - even though it is actually covered in the sale price of the automobile.

Let the experts at Mancinelli’s Auto Repair Center assist or perform a pre-purchase inspection for your potential next vehicle. Their trained professionals will be happy to answer any questions regarding automobile care and can perform service on any model vehicle on the road. The ASE certified mechanics are fully trained and certified to work on any car, van, SUV, or truck regardless of the current state. A full review and inspection of your automobile can be completed in a timely manner to keep your vehicle running both effectively and efficiently. Get your auto repaired with someone you know as most services can be administered the same day. Request an appointment online or call today.

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