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Denver Auto Repair Shop Reveals Under the Radar Car Fluids

Car Fluid

Every car owner is familiar with two of the most essential fluids needed in order to keep their vehicle on the road - gas and oil. No matter the expertise of the driver, vehicle owner or auto repair shop, everyone is aware gas must be periodically pumped into an automobile to ensure the engine runs when the tank nears empty.

Originally recommended at every 3,000 miles, oil changes now have been expanded to 5,000 miles for most manufacturers, but must be administered still. Routine oil changes help to keep your vehicle running without unnecessary wear and tear on the engine.

While these two automobile fluids may not be understood on a mechanic’s level by each and every car owner, they are highlighted frequently and more common than others found inside an automobile. However, other fluids are just as important despite falling below the radar in owner routine maintenance.

Transmission Fluid

Typically transmission fluid is colored red or green to distinguish it from other fluids utilized inside an engine. The liquid is used to maintain the function of the transmission including ease of valve operation and lubrication of the gear system.

Most manufacturers suggest changing or the addition of more transmission fluid at approximately 60,000 miles with a full system flush required at the 100,000 mile mark. However, both the make, model and mechanic recommendations can vary when dealing with this important fluid.

Power Steering Fluid

Essentially, power steering fluid is the hydraulic fluid which aids in the steering and turning of your vehicle. A relatively cheap fluid, it’s upkeep is important in maintaining the functionality of an automobile’s steering system.

Proper service to your car and power steering fluid can be recommended by the experts at Mancinelli’s. Proper upkeep will help prolong the life of both the power steering pump and rack.

Differential Fluid

Another under the radar but extremely important car fluid is the differential liquid utilized in almost every front-wheel drive vehicle. The differential fluid lubricates the gears responsible for transferring power from the driveshaft.

Most recommended

replacement of the differential fluid should occur between 30,000 to 60,000 miles.

Transfer Case Fluid

Finally, transfer case fluid sends drive to both the front and rear axles from the engine. Over time the fluid can become contaminated with debris causing decreased performance. A majority of manufacturers suggest replacement of the transfer case fluid every 30,000 miles, however tow and four-wheel drive vehicles cycle this fluid more often and require more regular replacement.

The experts at Mancinelli’s Auto Repair Center will answer any questions regarding a vehicle’s fluid levels or replace them when necessary. All fluid levels can be checked as each customer receives a full review of their car, truck, or SUV. The full review and inspection of your automobile will be completed in a timely manner to keep your vehicle running both effectively and efficiently. Leave your auto with someone you know as most services can be administered the same day. Request an appointment online or call today.

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