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Denver Car Repair: Reasons Your Vehicle Will Not Start

Start Engine

Unfortunately, we’ve all been there at one time or another in our lives. As a vehicle owner, you settle into the driver’s seat, place the key into the ignition only to turn it and nothing happens. If anything, the engine rumbles and whines but doesn’t start completely. Time and time again you realize the cost of taking for granted a vehicle starting when you turn the key, but this time - nothing. Only silence.

Immediately, your mind begins to contemplate the reasons why you’re now stranded wherever it’s parked and you don’t know exactly what to do next. Are you safe? Can you get help? Did you leave the lights on? Has the battery been worn out? Could it be something else? A number of questions begin to flood your mind as a search for the solution becomes front and center.

Each question enters your mind and as a vehicle owner you know the answers but can’t pinpoint the cause of your automobile not immediately starting once the key is turned. It could be a number of reasons but the following are most common for vehicles failing to run upon attempted ignition.

Dead Battery

One of the most common occurrences for a vehicle not starting initially is the result of a dead battery. In all likelihood, if your vehicle fails to crank initially, the battery is likely the culprit. However, if you know the battery has been recently replaced other factors could be keeping you from getting on the move. You can look for the warning signs before your car battery dies to catch it before it becomes a problem.

Bad Ignition Switch/Broken Starter

Two similar situations could be keeping your vehicle from getting in motion if you are certain the battery is fully charged and capable of producing the necessary power for ignition. An easy test of the battery involves both the headlights and dashboard components which are controlled by battery power.

If both the headlights, interior lights, and dashboard components light up then the failure to crank could be attributed to one of the above. A bad ignition will keep a car from turning over and starting in addition to a broken starter causing a similar effect.

Running on “E”

Another aspect which could keep a vehicle from starting but may be overlooked is the current fuel level. Obviously, keeping the tank above empty assists in vehicle mobility but many motorists neglect the fuel needle and instead rely on notification lights as a reminder of getting gas. While unlikely, if your vehicle will not start, a check of the gas gauge may be in order.

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