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Denver Car Repair Highlights the Top 10 Selling Vehicles in America

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Every year car manufacturers battle for the top spot in sales with a variety of makes and models distributed across the world. Vehicles of all types including: cars, trucks, vans, crossovers, and SUVs (sport utility vehicles) are redesigned and engineered for improved performance in an effort to be the best selling automobile on the market.

While consumers consistently select a top-brand vehicle the results are a bit surprising considering the vehicle type. While cars would likely be most individuals guess as to which type of vehicle is the best-selling, it is surprisingly another.

According to Business Insider, the best selling vehicle in America during 2016 was a truck. In fact, three of the top-five automobiles were trucks - numbers one through three, before the first car made the list at number four.

Following is a review of each of the top five best automobiles in America, according to sales.

No. 5 - Honda Civic

The first Civic sold was a 1973 model and since the compact car has undergone dramatic changes during ten generations. The current model types include four-doors and are much bigger than the first model.

The 366,927 civics sold in America during 2016 was an almost 10-percent increase from the previous year. One of only two cars to crack the top-five, Honda’s reputation for long-lasting vehicles and good gas mileage aided the Civic’s placement.

No. 4 - Toyota Camry

A larger car than the Honda Civic or Toyota’s comparable model the Corolla, this family sedan decreased in sales for 2016. While it wasn’t enough to fall out of the top-five, Toyota would like to see more sold in the United States moving forward.

At 388,616 the Camry’s sales dropped almost 10-percent but still outsold the Civic by over 20,000 units.

No. 3 - RAM Trucks

RAM landed squarely in the middle of the top-five with their line of pickup and work trucks from parent company Chrysler. The first of three straight truck models to top the list, RAM sold 489,418 trucks in America during the 2016 calendar year.

While Chrysler has been involved with automobile manufacturing since 1925, the RAM brand on its’ own is relatively young after having been established in 2010.

No. 2 - Chevrolet Silverado

In production since 1998, the Chevrolet Silverado brand is consistently among the lead in sales for America. While the numbers dipped a little in 2016, Chevrolet still benefitted from selling 574,876 trucks.

A full-size pickup, the Silverado is a multi-purpose vehicle that can be used for both family travel and work, or both.

No. 1 - Ford F150

For 40-consecutive years the Ford F-series trucks have been the best selling vehicle in America. Forty straight, four decades of domination for the Ford brand and obviously America’s love and obsession with trucks.

Continually redesigning and reshaping history, the Ford pickups are a symbol of quality and production.

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