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Denver Car Repair Recommendations for the Changing Season


As the seasons begin to change and mother nature transitions from summer into the cooler temperatures of fall, it is a good time to consider checking over your vehicle’s routine maintenance plan. Just as many people enjoy spring cleaning as preparation for the warmer climate and increased family and social gatherings, the calendar turn to fall can be a welcome boost for your car care needs.

It’s likely you don’t give much thought to the wear and tear taken on a vehicle from the effects of weather but just as rain, snow, cold, and heat all has an impact on those things it means your vehicle also needs proper protection.

For these reasons it is suggested to consider each of the following and a good time of the year for implementation of any necessary repairs and/or maintenance to your automobile. Consider the fall a reminder for vehicle system and routine checks just as smoke alarm batteries are advertised to be replaced when time changes twice a year.


There are a number of car fluids you should know about in order to keep your vehicle properly protected and on the road. Also, maintaining appropriate levels of fluids throughout the automobile can save you money down the line.

By properly keeping each at the recommended levels, your vehicle becomes more resistant to damages which can increase once fluid level care is ignored. While most motorists understand the importance of high impact fluids like gas and oil on the engine, other liquids can also affect the running condition of your car.

Automatic transmission, radiator coolant, power steering, and brake fluids all should be routinely checked and if you haven’t recently had any work completed on your vehicle, then now is a good time to ensure your vehicle continues running efficiently and effectively.


Both routine rotations and proper inflation can increase the life of your tires. Not only does this save the consumer money in the long run, it also helps to increase fuel mileage. Owners who take care of their tires get rewarded each and every time they fill up at the pump.


Another often overlooked component which can be either cleaned and/or replaced is the engine air and cabin filters. Especially after summer use and constant running of the auto’s cooling system, replacement may be in order.

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