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Are you choking your system?

When was the last time you thought about your filters? Replacing your filters at the correct time can be invaluable to you and your car’s health. Clogged filters are responsible for a lot of unnecessary money spent at the pump and replacing your car’s parts.

Fuel Filter

Replacing your fuel filter allows the injectors to be protected from any debris that can clog or damage them. A new fuel filter has less restriction, keeping the fuel pump working with ease. Not replacing your fuel filter will eventually damage your fuel pump.

Air Filter

It is easy to see the impact of a clean air filter on your fuel economy. A clogged filter will result in your engine using more fuel and strain the engine. The air filter needs to have enough flowing air to create the power that we love in our cars.

Cabin Air Filters

Got allergies? Your cabin air filter stops dust and other contaminants from entering you and your passenger’s noses. The air filter also restricts the airflow to the heater, defroster and air conditioner making it take longer to defrost your windows.

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