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Essential Items to Not Overlook in Denver Car Repair


Regular routine maintenance on vehicles not only prevents costly future repair but also lengthens the life of your car. Most individuals are aware of common services like oil changes, brake checks and tire replacement but some other areas need just as much attention. A Denver auto repair shop will help to keep your vehicle running efficiently and effectively for years.

Performing quality control checks on other areas of an automobile will also help to increase the safety and performance of your car or truck. Outside of the engine and computer systems that now monitor everything from air bag initiation to tire pressure, a few components need regular special attention.

Checking to ensure the quality and functionality of the following, often overlooked, aspects of your vehicle will benefit both car and driver.


Both cleanliness and functionality are important when considering the front headlamps. Often the outside casing can become cloudy and filmy decreasing performance. At times, moisture can seep into the outside cover also causing a fuzzy appearance and disproportionate light distribution when utilized.

A quick glance is all it takes to see if your headlights are showing signs of clouding but a more noticeable depreciation in quality is displayed at night. Don’t wait until it’s too late finding yourself on a backroad in the rain with low visibility, clean up your headlights today. Here is a guide how to make your headlights shine like new.


Turn signals save lives. Displaying your intentions prior to making a movement on the roadway helps to notify other drivers where you are going. A part of regular yearly inspections, signals should be looked at far more often.

Make sure all signals, front and back, are illuminating properly both with and without brake application. Covers for these important notifiers should also be clean, clear and free of debris.

Cabin Air Filter

Another component often taken for granted includes the cabin air filter. Similar to the engine air filter that receives frequent checkups the cabin filter serves a similar purpose but not the same attention.

A cluttered filter will cause a variety of issues and limits the amount of pollen and dust from entering the passenger cabin. A quick cleaning or replacement will help the auto’s HVAC system immensely.

Windshield Wipers

Finally, windshield wipers need to be looked at for breaking, cracking or sticking causing poor water deflection when used. Similar to headlight maintenance, wiper checks are relevant from a safety standpoint.

Wipers should be checked for both functionality, at all intervals, proper coverage and non-streaking. Instead of waiting until it’s too late and finding yourself caught in a downpour with little to no visibility, make certain the wipers work correctly.

The experts at Mancinelli’s Auto Repair Center regularly check these often overlooked items and can complete and entire diagnostics test on your vehicle. Also, ask about these services in addition to routine oil checks and changes, often they’ve already been completed by one of our ASE certified master technicians. Most services can be administered the same day so request an appointment online or call today.

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