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Fall/Winter Maintenance and Battery Reliability

With the fall and winter weather approaching, it's wise to prepare your vehicle for the changing weather. Responsible car owners should take particular measures to make sure that the battery is functioning correctly. If it's struggling now during the warmer weather, the chances are high that some problems could arise in the autumn and winter. If your battery is old, you're at a much higher risk of having some issues arise as the temperatures chill. It would be smart to replace the battery now to avoid hassles over the next few months.

Since cold weather is hard on a battery, it's best to have the charging system and the battery inspected in advance. Your car's engine needs more battery power to start when the weather is colder, and those temperatures make it more difficult for your battery to operate optimally. Always be mindful of keeping the battery connections clean, corrosion-free, and tight. Unfortunately, batteries don't usually give warning signals when they're about to fail.

Before winter can take a toll on your battery, make sure you have your electrical system tested, including your alternator, starter, and battery. Inspect the battery using a voltmeter to make sure it’s functioning correctly. Ideally, your car's voltmeter should be at 12.4 volts or higher at rest. Be sure to maintain components around the battery as well. Check that cables, fasteners, and posts are in good condition and use a stiff wire to clean and brush off corrosion.

In addition to servicing your battery and charging system before it gets too cold, we also recommend the following auto repair services to prepare for dropping temperatures:


  1. Inspect (and change) your coolant/antifreeze

  2. Get a tune-up

  3. Replace your wiper blades

  4. Check your headlights

Whether you have winter preparation inquiries or another auto repair concern, please call us,schedule an appointment online, or visit us. Mancinelli’s Auto Repair Center is located at 375 Logan Street, Denver, CO 80203. We’ll help keep you cool for when you need it most.


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