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Four Wheel Drive Tips

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As we enter the snowiest month for us in Denver, it’s good to remember these tips when driving your four-wheel drive vehicle. Four-wheel drive gives you more confidence for driving on the snow and helps get you moving but it doesn’t help you with extra traction for braking and steering. No car can stop on black ice, so it is always best to slow down when the temperature drops. It’s best to know your options. Four-high, for example, allows you to travel at normal speeds while driving on snow or ice, whereas four-low is designed for lower speeds, such as driving in deep, wet snow.

Do you keep forgetting to switch into four-wheel drive? Setting your four-wheel drive to its automatic setting, if equipped, allows you to set it and forget it. If your vehicle can maintain traction with two-wheel drive, it will and can make the change quickly on its own. Driving on dry roads with four-wheel drive can damage your drivetrain and lead to costly repairs, so try to limit this.

When the next snow comes, try taking your four-wheel drive vehicle into an empty parking lot to practice maneuvering on a slick surface.

Give us a call if you have questions about your four-wheel drive or its performance, give us a call. We will get you back on the snow packed roads!

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