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How Often Should I Have My Brake Pads Replaced?

Brake pads are essential to the safe functioning of your car's brakes. They allow drivers to stop effectively and safely, as the pads allow for smooth, easy braking and can protect in times when a sudden stop may be necessary. However, just like any other car part, your brake pads will eventually wear out. Brakes that are strong, functional, and reliable can make driving safe for everyone out on the road and will protect the value of your vehicle.

Thankfully, brake pads are made of different compounds which are suited for different driving situations. Softer compounds are best for those living in the city who typically drive at lower speeds. Reduced speeds prevent the material from melting into the brake rotor and will allow for a much longer lifespan. Those living outside the county lines would benefit from having brake pads that are made up of harder compounds, as they allow for harder stops without significant damage.

Good driving habits contribute to the lifespan of your brake pads. In fact, they can extend the life of the vehicle's braking system when you practice safe driving habits. Frequent stops that are sudden and abrupt can wear out a pad so quickly that immediate replacement becomes necessary for the life and safety of your vehicle.

But even with good driving habits, you should pay close attention to how your brakes sound when you apply them. Any bizarre noises such as squealing point to the need to have the rotors checked for damage, wear, or tear. Any other sounds such as scraping suggest that most of the pad is worn down so far that it should be replaced immediately.

Knowing these critical signs of impending brake pad failure is key to the life and value of your vehicle. It is highly recommended that you have your brakes and brake pads inspected every time you go for general maintenance such as routine oil changes and tire rotations. This is a good habit to get into, and having this done will save you more money in costly repairs down the road. And if you ever need brake repair, just bring your vehicle into our shop today for an estimate!

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