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How to Improve the Smell of the Interior of Your Car

Do you have a smell in your car that won’t go away? With the hot weather still around, funky smells can become a problem. Nobody wants to be driving around in a car that has an odd smell, here are some of Mancinelli’s Auto Repair Center’s tips for a fresh smelling vehicle:

  • Change your interior cabin air filter. Especially if it’s been awhile, it may not be doing its job. Not only can it help eliminate smells, but it can keep impurities out of the cabin that may be affecting your allergies. 
  • Dryer sheets under the seats are one more way to pull the odor out. Change them periodically to get the most value out of that tactic. 
  • Baking soda works in your car just like it does in your fridge. It absorbs many odors. Sprinkle in throughout your car, leave it for a few hours, then vacuum it up. You can also leave an open box in your car overnight to help pull out some of the more stubborn smells. 
  • Clean your mats. You can start with baking soda to pull some of the odor out and then you can move onto using a vinegar/water solution to scrub out stains and remove even more unwelcome odors. 
  • If you love to barbecue this might be the trick for you! Placing a few lumps of charcoal underneath the driver or passenger seats can work wonders. You might be surprised just how good of a deodorizer it is and not just helpful in curating the best steaks around. 
  • That morning cup of coffee can be more than just useful for helping you wake up. Putting some ground coffee beans in an old sock and putting it under your seat can help get rid of the smell and freshen up your vehicle.

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