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How to Keep Your Car from Overheating in the Summer

Summer is definitely here and the last thing Mancinelli’s wants is for your vehicle to overheat and leave you stranded on the side of the road. It’s easy to put regular maintenance aside when you’re busy with all that summer has to offer, but it’s called preventive maintenance for a reason. When you stay on top of it, it significantly decreases the likelihood of your car overheating or breaking down for other reasons.  

Okay… while it’s not likely that your car will catch on fire when it overheats, you get the idea. Let’s keep it cool so that you don’t have to experience what it feels like to sit on the side of the road due to your vehicle overheating. Here are a few suggestions on how to keep your car cool this summer: 

  1. If you haven’t done so already, have a qualified auto mechanic inspect your radiator and hoses for leaks and cracks. The Mancinelli’s team of trained technicians will carefully check for general wear and tear, bulging, swelling, or splitting. 
  2. It’s important to check regularly for the proper coolant levels. This is the number one cause of cars overheating and is the simplest one to stay on top of if you check it regularly. You’ll also want to have your entire cooling system checked out on an annual basis. If you can find the problems early on, you’ll cut down on auto repair expenses in the long run. It’s always good to catch a problem early before it gets out of control and costly. 
  3. Take the time to get familiar with your dash gauges so you know what is normal for your vehicle. As soon as it starts to move out of its normal range, bring it in for a closer inspection. It could be something simple, but you can count on it being a smaller issue than if you wait for it to get worse. If your vehicle starts to overheat, turn on the heater immediately. While it seems counterintuitive, it actually cools your engine down by releasing hot air.  

For any car maintenance, fixes, or check-ups come into Mancinelli's Auto Repair Center. Be sure to stop by Mancinelli’s Auto Repair Center in Denver, CO for any and every automotive need. We are here to keep you and your vehicle cool this summer and always safe. We love partnering with our customers to help you get the most out of your vehicle. We are located at 375 Logan Street, Denver, CO 80203. You can schedule an appointment online, or visit us. See you soon!


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