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Items to Keep the Back of Your Car Organized

Most of us throw random junk in our car trunks without even thinking, and before you know it, piles begin to accumulate. Next thing you know, you are playing a game of Tetris in your grocery store parking lot. Though it may not seem like a problem at first, it could get embarrassing when exposed in public. An overpacked trunk can also decrease your vehicle’s fuel efficiency due to the heavy load. So here are a few of our tips for organizing your car and maximizing your space:


Trunk Nets - Most trunks have some sort of nets and hooks to help with storing miscellaneous items. Outside of what may already be included with your vehicle, you can buy an additional trunk net to help things stay in place.


Collapsible Storage Baskets - These flexible storage bins are great because you can store them efficiently when not in use. They easily fold open and close whenever you please. If you are concerned about them sliding in your trunk, use sticky velcro to keep them fastened. 


Trunk Organizers - Trunk organizers function how you'd expect from their names. They are ideal if you have delicate items that need to be separated and sorted. They are usually made of heavy-duty materials, and some of them even have heating/cooling properties. The other alternative to this item is the rear seat organizer, which has smaller compartments easily accessible for back seat riders. 


Bubble Wrap - Though this doesn't serve an organizational purpose, we suggest always keeping bubble wrap in your trunk. It will come in handy when carrying fragile items, such as glass. The bubble wrap will act as a cushion and prevent breaks and cracks.


Totes - A caddy tote is perfect for placing in the back seat and suitable if you have children in car seats. Totes are perfect for carrying essential items that are available to grab within arm's reach.


Packing your car does not have to be a nuisance. If you don't want to waste extra time moving stuff around in your trunk, the items listed above will make a massive difference to your packing experience. Plus, having an organized, clean car will give you that extra boost of serotonin. 


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