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Do you know your car’s mpg? First and foremost, let’s talk about how to measure your mpg. Sure, most of the newer vehicles tell you with a digital display, but those could be wrong. The best way to get the numbers is by filling up your car to full and resetting your trip counter. The pump needs to cut off in order to hit full. The next time you fill up to full again just simply make a note of the number of gallons you put in, along with the trip counter. Divide these numbers and you will get your mpg. There are lots of online trackers that can help you figure out your averages.

The best tip to improving your fuel economy is using a little less of that lead foot. Less braking, avoiding high speeds and trying to moderate your speeds to hit the lights safely can all improve your mpg. Driving at 55 mph instead of 65 or 75 will save you money simply because it takes more fuel to power the car at those speeds.

Your tires play a huge factor in mpg. Checking your tire pressures on a regular basis ensures that you are getting the best mileage that you can. Finding a good all-round tire that combines economy with tire life and grip are your best bets. Until April 15, 2016, you can receive a $50-70 rebate on the purchase of 4 Cooper tires at Mancinellis.

Maintaining your vehicle will show you the best performance increases. Your air filter protects your engine from sucking up all of the dirt in the air. When you regularly replace your air filter, you are sure to see an increase in mpg, sometimes even overnight. Regularly scheduled oil changes will keep you on track in that department as well. Spark plugs and fuel injectors can all play a part.

The best thing to do to improve your mpg is bringing your car in to Mancinelli’s for your auto maintenance. We can answer questions about how to make your car run its best.

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