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New Year, New You!

Your resolutions to keep your car healthy in 2016


Most of us create New Year’s Resolutions around being healthy, but what about our car’s health? A simple maintenance regime, like measure your tire pressure, checking for leaks and visiting Mancinelli’s for your regular tune-ups can help keep your car healthy throughout the year.

Resolve to keep your car clean. Create a system of totes or bags in your car to make sure you remove anything that doesn’t belong in your car at the end of the day. An organizing tote in your trunk allows you to keep your emergency supplies, like jumper cables and blankets, in a neat manner. Hanging trash bags in the back seat makes it easy for the kids to put their trash directly in them and not on your floor.

Resolve to schedule regular maintenance checkups for your car. Your car might be running smoothly but let the ASE certified mechanics at Mancinelli’s Auto Repair make sure that is the case. It is good to be proactive with your car to make sure nothing is loose or worn down.

Resolve to check your tires regularly. If your tires are worn unevenly or the wheels are unbalanced, vibration can cause extra stress on your suspension. That stress can turn into hefty bills if you ignore the problems. Checking your tread has even wear and scheduling alignments can help save your car and its tires.

Resolve to follow your regularly scheduled services. Ignoring your fluids and changing your oil is easy to do in our hectic lives. Checking your fluids is quick and easy and again will prevent those hefty bills if you ignore them. Talk to your Mancinelli’s mechanic about how often to schedule your oil changes and put it on your calendar so you don’t forget.

Resolve to be a more fuel-efficient driver. Aggressive driving can increase your fuel by 35 percent. Slow down and relax when you are behind the wheel in order to save money, fuel and lower your car’s emissions.

The ease of scheduling our appointments online and our free shuttle make it easy to hold you accountable for these resolutions. Happy New Year from all of us!

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