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Safe Winter Driving


You can always rely on Mancinelli’s to get your car through a Colorado winter when you prepare with winter maintenance, but you might need a few reminders when the snow and ice hits.

Make Sure You Can See and Be Seen

Your windshield wipers should probably be replaced with a winter or all season driving blade and your windshield should be cleaned on the inside. Keeping an extra bottle of wiper fluid during the snowy months is also a great idea. Defroster effectiveness is essential in the initial clearing of snow and ice from your windshield and should be checked well in advance of when you will need to use it. Your headlights need to be clean or even restored so you can see and be seen during those snowy nights.

Tire Tread

If your tread is getting low, your capability to drive on a slippery wet road will put you out of control. When in doubt, get new tires and make sure your traction is where it needs to be. Your tire pressure changes during the summer and winter months, so checking your tire pressure frequently can help keep you safe as well. A good set of snow tires are great but they will slide on ice and packed snow.

Slow down

This seems the most obvious but we get caught up with the “I’m from Colorado, I can drive in the snow,” mentality. A lot of other drivers might not have the same experience as you, so slowing down for everyone is best to keep you safe and preventing an accident, especially fender benders. Locking your brakes on glazed ice will cause a loss of steering and control so get a feel for the road to test your steering and braking ability when you first start out on a snow filled trip.

Scheduling an online appointment is easy to make sure you are ready for the cold months ahead by clicking here. You can also text us. We have same day service available on most work and our free shuttle can make sure you and your vehicle are taken care of.

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