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Shine Bright with Headlight Performance

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Over time, your headlights can yellow or cloud and impact the quality of light shining out. Maintaining your headlights improves visibility and safety of your vehicle. Even when your headlight is brand new, if your plastic lens is cloudy or scratched, it will impact the visibility. It is important to keep your headlight lenses clean. Dirt and debris prevents the full shine and damages the lens over time. You will need to determine whether the damage is inside or outside of your headlights. Headlight restoration has between a 50-100 percent increase in light output, so it is very effective! On a cold, rainy night, that means a huge difference in your visibility.

There are three advantages of restoring your headlights:

  • Improved visibility means a brighter light and a safer drive.
  • Money saved in restoring existing equipment rather than buying new.
  • The “like-new” look of a clear lens versus the existing cloudy or yellow hard-coating.

Consider upgrading your headlight bulb to increase its performance, as well. There are often LED or Xenon bulbs available. And remember to replace both of your bulbs at the same time, they have both been through the same conditions and the other usually goes out after you replace one.

Ask us about restoring your headlights!

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