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Signs of a Failing Alternator

What is an Alternator?

An alternator is a fundamental component of your car as it is responsible for converting mechanical energy from the engine into electrical energy. The reason it is called an alternator is that it generates an alternating current that turns periodically. The electrical charge is sent to restore your battery life which powers your vehicle's electrical systems. Without an operational alternator, your engine will abruptly stop working. 


Symptoms of a Bad Alternator

The alternator comprises many components such as bearings, rotors, stators, fans, and other internal parts. Over time these pieces get worn out. Whenever it does, you should stop by the auto repair shop pronto. Besides a stalling engine, here are the other signs that indicate you need an alternator repair or replacement:


Fuzziness or Flickering of Interior & Exteriors Lights

The alternator generates the power necessary for the functionality of your car's interior and exterior lighting. If the brightness of these lights starts to change, then it is most likely an alternator problem.


Electrical Components Not Working

Your power windows, power seats, radio, and seat warmers will all be dodgy if there is a persisting alternator issue. Without enough electricity, these features may stop running altogether. 

Loud Noises. 

If the parts in the alternator are not working correctly, you may hear grinding or growling noises coming from the hood of your car. 


The Smell of Burning Rubber. 

In rare instances, a failing alternator can form a burning smell. If you smell burning rubber, we advise that you stop driving your vehicle immediately. 


Please take your vehicle to Mancinelli's Auto Repair Center for a proper diagnosis (and repair) if you notice any of these symptoms. Our technicians can give you their expert opinions, such as whether your alternator needs a repair or replacement. Collectively, we can figure out a plan that works the best for you and your vehicle. Give us a call or stop by our shop today!

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