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Stay Cool This Summer with Denver Auto Repair

Auto Repair

While it can be obviously cold during winter, the upcoming summer months (June, July and August) average highs over 80-degrees in our beautiful city, meaning a visit to your local Denver auto repair shop for an air-conditioning check is in order. Prior to being stuck in the heat get your vehicle tuned up today.

Enjoy Outdoor Events with a Cool Place

Imagine enjoying a bright, hot, sunny day at the park, loading up the family in the car, cranking the engine and turning up the AC only to feel a continued blast of hot air. A miserable feeling encompasses you and your family who now is agitated, angry, and ready to literally cool off. Now you’re stuck driving with the windows down which can be loud and distracting or forced to suffer through the heat until a free moment allows you to get it repaired at a later date.

Like other auto repairs, preventative maintenance can save car owners money in the long run. Having to pay for a full rebuild, following a complete system failure, often is avoided with a routine check-up. Think of it as a medical physical for your automobile.

Normal, Routine Maintenance

Just as humans are asked to consult their physician prior to beginning any type of exercise program or weight loss regimen, your vehicle should be properly inspected prior to rebooting one of the modern conveniences of the car. Typically the AC system hasn’t been used at all during a long, cold Denver winter but once the summer months arrive things begin to turn up.

Much more takes place during an AC unit check than anticipated so don’t be fooled by thinking just because your vehicle is currently cooling properly, everything is in good working order. Often mechanics will examine not only the cooling capability, but ensure that all refrigerant levels and recharging systems are operational. They too can check for possible leaks while observing all hoses and components of the system, including the cabin air filter.

Proper maintenance of a vehicle’s AC system will lengthen the functionality of the unit, keeping you cool for the life of your automobile. An efficient way to avoid high-cost repairs while making certain that your AC unit is cooling properly at all times.

Be Prepared Now For Summer's Heat

Unlike other electronic systems in your vehicle typically there is no warning light for an issue with the AC unit. While common maintenance issues such as low fuel, low tire pressure or the all-encompassing check engine light illuminate notifying the operator of potential hazards, your AC unit remains in the dark. Instead of being blindsided by the system shutting down in the heat of summer, schedule an appointment today.

The experts at Mancinelli’s Auto Repair Center are MACS certified meaning they have been specifically trained in the operation and repair of automobile AC systems. Full reviews of your automobiles unit will be completed in a timely manner, keeping you cool and out on the open road. Leave your vehicle with someone you trust as most services can be administered the same day. Request an appointment online or call today.

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