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Staying Cool on Your Next Road Trip

Road Trip

Summer living in Colorado has many perks. Hiking the mountains, camping by lakes, rafting down rivers; we have it all! Most are just a few hours away from Denver. But before you pack up the kids and head out for your next adventure, be sure to help your car out by an inspection of your cooling system by a professional. The hot fluids are under pressure and tend to be a little more risky if you want to do it yourself. Your car has to work extra hard to stay cool during the hot Colorado summers and our ASE Certified mechanics will make sure your cooling system, belts and hoses are working properly to keep you cool. Your coolant should be changed per manufacture recommendation, so summer is a great reminder. We will make sure that your car has the proper mixture of coolant to keep your cooling system’s boiling point high. To protect your engine, have your coolant flushed and flush your radiator and be sure to add new coolant every other year. It is also important to make sure all belts and hoses are checked to adequately cool down your car when the temperatures rise.

If you see a coolant puddle under your car, don’t waste any time setting up your Mancinelli’s appointment. We can inspect your system as soon as possible and the work done now can prevent a serious crisis from happening later on. It’s also a good idea to keep an eye on that temperature gauge, especially when your air conditioner is on.

Make sure you stay cool on your summer road trip and call, text or visit us online today.>

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