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Strangest Cars in the World

Extra-ordinary, the word itself tells how extra something is and these strange cars from all over the world are the definition of the word. The cars that you are about to see have made the list of the strangest cars in the world. They were never mass produced and were many years before you got your license. 

Starting off with the car you see in the photo, the 1932 Ford Speedster! The Speedster has a roaring V-8 engine that you push to start which was far ahead of its time. This low riding long car was created between infamous designer Eugene Gregorie and the son of Henry Ford himself, Edsel Ford. 

The second strange car came from a previous aircraft engineer that turned automobile, William Stout. Stout was the pioneer of luxury and leisure transportation features like in-flight meals. Stout created the 1936 Stout Scarab that was founded on the idea of a diner car with a Ford V-8 under the hood. The Stout Scarab was far too expensive for any consumer of the day, even the rich, and never took off. 

This next car comes in at only 33 inches tall. Yes, it, short but the 1970 Lancia (Bertone) Stratos HF Zero can zoom down the road. Drivers had to enter the vehicle through its hinged windshield because it sat that low. 

At the 2010 Geneva Motor Show the Porsche 918 Spyder Concept car was unveiled as a hybrid supercar you see from Porsche on the road today. Under the hood of the 918, you’ll find a 3.4-liter V-8 that is driven by 500 horsepower. 
The 1948 Tasco was a strange car that was short-lived. It was created by the American Sports Car Company and got its name from the manufacturer making it an acronym. The design was inspired by WWII fighter planes. 

Let’s end these strange car shenanigans with the 1941 Chrysler Thunderbolt whose curves were inspired by the streamliner trains. This was one of the first cars to have power windows that were moved by hydraulic motors in them. The technology didn’t stop there, it also has a fully retractable hardtop that was button operated and had pop open headlights. This strange car was too ahead of its time with its futuristic aesthetics. 

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