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The Benefits of Keeping your Car Clean

Car Cleaning

Do you currently keep your car clean on the inside? Between the kids and the dogs, we at Mancinelli’s know that your car gets used. A lot! There are many reasons to keep your car nice and clean. Having an unclean car can have an effect on the value and life of your car, and maybe even your own health.First of all, cars are very expensive! Take pride in your vehicle and respect it. Even if you have an older car, if it is nice on the inside, it will look and feel as you treat it. The more you take care of your car now, the more likely you will be to receive a better deal on it when it’s time to upgrade or sell. Excess dirt and salt can lead to corrosion.

Safety is another great reason to maintaining the cleanliness of your car. Your windows, mirrors and windshield should be clean at all times to avoid any chance of an accident. With the weather changing, it is important to do this before the ice and snow impact your visibility.

Not only will your stress level will decrease when you climb into that clean car, but leaving your car seats and carpets dirty leaves a potential for mold to grow and spread. Studies have shown that living in a clean environment can improve your mood by 50%!

Changing your interior cabin air filter is always a way to stay healthy. The air filter traps debris that gets into the ventilation system through the fresh air inlet. Neglect can not only lead to health issues for yourself, but it also can strain the operation of the blower motor in the heating and air conditioning system. Ask us if it’s time to change your air filter. We have come up with some tips to keeping your car clean. Please share with us your tips on how to clean your car and keep it clean.

  • Don’t eat in your car
  • Knock the snow off of your boots before climbing in
  • Clean up any liquid spills immediately
  • Keep a trashbag in the car
  • Set up a schedule for regular washes
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