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The Breakdown on Brakes


Brakes are necessary to stop your vehicle safely while driving. Neglecting your brakes can often lead to costly repairs. An inspection is the easiest way to see the condition of your pads, linings and rotors.

Even if your dashboard monitor isn’t working, you should be able to identify poor braking warning signs. Squeals and squeaks are obvious trouble signs but if your car is pulling to one side or you need to increase the amount of pressure to come to a stop, there could be additional problems. A brake that is too sensitive can also be a problem since your pads are likely to degrade quicker. Additional symptoms are pulsations in the brake pedal and a shaky steering wheel. Recognizing these problems before they become serious is key to cost-efficient auto maintenance.

Scheduling an appointment for an annual brake inspection is easy with our new texting line at Mancinelli’s. You can simply text us at the shop number to speak with us about your issue and schedule an appointment. We can evaluate your brake pads, brake fluid levels, rotor thickness, hoses and brake lines to make sure you are driving safely.

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