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Tire Rotation and Why It’s Important

It happens far too often where tire rotation is overlooked or taken for granted. In order to really understand its importance, let’s talk about what a tire rotation is exactly and why it’s important.
Tire rotation is swapping the position of your tires on your car. Your car manufacturer has recommendations for how often you should be rotating, but generally, it should be done every 5,000 miles. Another benefit of rotation is that you or your mechanic will be able to check your tires for damage, check the air pressure, rebalance them if necessary, and inspect the tread depth.
Why else is it important? Routine rotation of your tires will help evenly distribute wear and tear, lengthening the life of your tires. This is especially true with front or rear-wheel drive vehicles since two of your wheels do very specific jobs and will likely wear much differently than the other two.
Having even wear and tear on your tire and its treads provide more even control, especially in more hazardous driving conditions. 
If you have a four-wheel-drive vehicle, uneven tires can cause extra stressors on different parts of the drivetrain, leading to more potential for more expensive damage or necessary repairs down the line.
There are three main ways that your tires can be rotated for uniform, non-directional tires. They care called: rearward cross, x-pattern, and forward cross.
Rearward Cross: This pattern is recommended for four-wheel, all-wheel, and rear-wheel drive vehicles. The rear tires are moved forward and kept on the same side. The front tires are moved backward and swap sides.

X-Pattern: Front-wheel drive vehicles such as smaller trucks and sedans should be using the x-pattern when rotating your tires. Rear tires are moved forward and swap sides while the front tires are moved to the back end and swap sides as well.

Forward Cross: This pattern is used most commonly for front-wheel drive vehicles, and the front tires are moved back on the same side while the back tires are moved to the opposite side on the front.

So, don’t overlook this important maintenance habit because it will save you time and money in the long run! Keep those tires even and your car healthy.

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