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What Does A Catalytic Converter Do?

What Does A Catalytic Converter Do?


A catalytic converter is something many car owners are familiar with when it comes to their vehicles. It is often that part that is causing a car not to pass an emissions test or is the reason behind an illuminated check engine light. Its job is extremely important and ensures the proper operation of your vehicle overall. 


It's important to know about a catalytic converter, and what it means for your car.

The catalytic converter is a part found on any modern-day car that helps to deal with the pollutants and noxious gasses released by a car's engine.


Simply put, this is a chemical process that converts those pollutants and noxious gasses into a less-harmful form. Harmful chemicals such as carbon monoxide and nitric oxide are converted into their less harmful forms such as water vapor and carbon dioxide.


The inside of the catalytic converter will often have precious metals such as palladium, rhodium, and platinum that act as the catalysts in the chemical reaction that converts the harmful chemicals into less harmful chemicals.


This also means that catalytic converters are often targeted for theft. And if stolen, or even damaged, the catalytic converter is a part you can't do without.


What's Important About A Catalytic Converter?

Can you run your car without a catalytic converter? Yes, your car can drive safely without one. Should you? No.


The world is becoming more and more aware of the chemicals that are released by cars. In fact, many states in the United States have emissions guidelines that control the number of harmful emissions a car can produce. Without your catalytic converter, you are guaranteed to fail any sort of emissions test. Some states require a yearly emissions test in order to successfully renew car registration.


All in all, it's good to take care of your catalytic converter or replace it if it's missing. Not only will you be helping to reduce harmful emissions, but you'll also avoid any unwanted penalties or fines. Bring your vehicle to Mancinelli's Auto Repair Center if you need catalytic converter repair today!

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