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What Does the TPMS Warning Light Indicate?

The TPMS warning light alerts you when your vehicle's tire is over or under-inflated, creating a serious safety concern. By the time the TPMS warning light illuminates on the dashboard, the tires pressure is way below or above the manufacture's recommendation range (and what is considered a safe operational level).

Under inflation causes reduced tire performance, tire overload and excess heat buildup. An underinflated tire often shows signs of premature wear, particularly on either side of the tread edges. On the other hand, over-inflated tires have poor traction with the ground, leading to premature wear and inability to absorb road impacts.

Can I Drive with my Car's TPMS Warning Light On?

A more straightforward answer to this question is no. Do not ignore your vehicle's Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems warning light-you could be getting a flat. Once you notice the little light with an exclamation mark flashing on your dashboard, you should being your vehicle into our shop at your earliest convenience.

Without proper tire inspection and diagnostics, you can hardly tell how fast air is leaking from the tires or for how long they have been over or under-inflated. At our repair shop, a certified mechanic will use a tire pressure gauge to test each tire's current inflation level to device the best course of action.

Routine pressure checks on your car tires can also help you maintain them at the ideal inflation level. They will help you identify and address any potential problems, including leaks, sometimes even before the level drops too low for the TPMS warning light to illuminate.

Your Tire Pressure Monitoring System warning light is supposed to go off immediately your car tires are well inflated. If it does not go off after ten miles, you might need to have it reset as recommended on your car owner manual. Even with regular tire checks, it is crucial that you also recheck them every morning before you leave for work, just before you embark on a long trip or when transporting an extra heavy load.

If you need TPMS repair, we invite you to bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop today!

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