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What Does Transmission Fluid Actually Do?

Transmission fluid works by keeping the transmission lubricated to facilitate proper gear shifting. It works as both a hydraulic fluid, supporting the movement between the transmission and engine, as well as oil for your transmission and as coolant in automatic engines. Make sure to ensure your transmission fluid levels are always at optimum levels by performing regular maintenance on your car or truck.

What Does Transmission Fluid Do

Your vehicle's engine and transmission have many moving parts - transmission fluid's mission is to ensure these parts are able to move freely, without excessive friction and heat that lead to corrosion and other common engine issues. The fluid also helps to move energy from the engine to the drive wheels, as well as clean the transmission and condition the gaskets, among other tasks.

Transmission Fluid Keeps Engines Moving

The engine and transmission work together to keep your wheels moving at the exact speed that you want, and there are numerous metal parts that make it happen such as pistons, gears, and the friction plate. All these parts move together while you're driving, and transmission fluid helps prevent metal to metal contact that breaks an engine down. It's vital to your cars health to keep your friction plate and other parts well lubricated, so make sure to visit a trusted auto repair shop regularly. They can check your transmission fluid levels, and let you know when it's time for maintenance such as a transmission flush.

How Do I Know If I Need Transmission Fluid

If your car is running low on transmission fluid, it will cause the friction plate and other moving parts to operate under-lubricated, which will in turn cause a multitude of problems. Your car might start overheating if it is low on transmission fluid, or will start making weird noises. Another indication is the check engine light may go on if you need transmission work done. Check with a certified mechanic if your car exhibits any of these symptoms. Also, transmission fluid needs to be changed routinely- a mechanic will be able to tell you how often and what type of fluid your vehicle needs.

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