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What Is That Leak?

A fluid leak in your car, SUV, or truck indicates that there could be a serious problem under the hood. Depending on the fluid, it can even put your safety at risk. If any of your vehicle’s essential fluids leak, you've got a problem that the experts at Mancinelli’s Auto Repair Center can fix.


Leaks are bad for your car, but they also have negative environmental impacts. If you want to preserve your car and the leak’s corresponding system, please be sure to repair the issue so that the fluid can run fluidly again. 


Your vehicle has many fluids including, motor oil, transmission fluid, coolant, brake fluid, and more. So, how do you tell what is what? Fortunately, all these fluids have different viscosities, colors, and smells. For example, brake fluid is slicker than the other car liquids and has a fishy smell. It is a clear yellow, making it unique from the others.


It is important that you remember and relay these characteristics when finding a leak. It can help the technicians at Mancinelli’s Auto Repair Center in diagnosing the leak more efficiently. Here are some of the characteristics of your vehicle’s fluids:

  • Engine oil: can be amber, brown, or even dark brown (depending on how long it has been in the engine), thicker than most other fluids.
  • Fuel: Clear, smells like gasoline
  • Coolant: Thin, sweet scent, usually a vibrant color: green, orange, and even purple
  • Transmission: oily but still thinner than engine oil, petroleum smell, pink/red/brown color
  • Power steering: slightly greasy but thinner than engine oil, burning smell, pink/red/brown color
  • Windshield wiper: Water, glass cleaner scent, blue or pink

By using your senses, you can get a good idea of what kind of fluid is leaking from your vehicle. As always, it is always best to consult with a certified mechanic. At Mancinelli’s Auto Repair Center, we can diagnose and repair your leak with quick turnarounds so that you can return to the road.


 If you need automotive leak repair, please give our team a call or visit our auto repair shop today!

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