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Why Windshield Wipers Should Be a Priority for Denver Drivers

If you're going to drive around Denver, you have to be able to see where you're going! We've all experienced the frustration and fear of not being able to see through the rain, snow, or dirty windshield. That is why having a good, functioning pair of windshield wipers is so important, especially this time of year.


It always seems like your wiper blades go dull only when you need them most. Similar to any other vehicle system, your windshield wiper blades need regular attention to stay in good shape.


Experts typically suggest replacing your windscreen wiper blade every six months; preferably in the spring and fall. If you're no fan of Denver's harsh winters, you may also consider getting winter weather-specific blades with freeze resisting properties.


When it comes to the winter, you have to be careful about leaving your windshield wipers down. If your car sits for a long time and the temperatures drop significantly overnight, you may run the risk of freezing your wipers onto your windshield. That can tear up the blades, wear them down, and even break the wipers altogether. It can even impair your wiper motor.


Over time, wiper blades naturally get hard and brittle. They can also lose their flexibility and lose their shape. As a result, they may not be able to cover the entire windshield.


Dull wiper blades aren't just a safety concern, but they can also scrape your windshield. That may require additional repairs to your windshield, and we can affirm you don't want that.


If your wiper blades are no longer effective, please replace them immediately. Mancinelli's Auto Repair Center can provide you with a quality replacement blade. For all your automotive needs, we invite you to bring your vehicle to our trusted auto repair shop in Denver, CO, today! 

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