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Winter Road Trip Essentials


Colorado has always been a great place to take a road trip, especially up to the snowy mountains during the winter months. There are a few essentials that are necessary to make your winter road trip safe and comfortable.

1.Emergency Kit. Your emergency kit should have jumper cables, a flashlight, gloves/boots, ice scraper and a basic survival kit.

2.Cell Phone. You would be surprised how many people don’t carry one while traveling. Make sure you keep a phone nearby in case of an emergency.

3.Spare Set of Keys. Losing a set of keys usually happens at the most inopportune moments. Don’t ruin your weekend with this disaster and keep an extra set handy.

4.GPS. A portable system can make sure you stay on course, even when your cell phone service is interrupted by the Rocky Mountains. Additionally, most show traffic reports so you can avoid the pile-up on I-70.

5.Food and water. Aside from the candy in your survival kit, stocking up with ample food and water makes sure that an extensive wait in your car will be comfortable and will save you money too.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to have your vehicle inspected before you venture out. Be sure to post pictures of your winter road trips to our Facebook and Instagram pages. We would love to see you in action!

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