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Monthly Archives: May 2022

3 Maintenance Services That You Should NEVER Put Off

3 Maintenance Services That You Should NEVER Put Off

When it comes to automotive service, many people put it off. They either don;t want to spend the money, don’t have the time to get it done, or they just don’t feel like it is necessary. Even though you may believe it is harmless ctoan skip a service here and there, you may have to face some consequences later on. Here are the 3 maintenance items you shouldn’t put off, no matter what.   Oil Change - Oil is one of those things that you hear in and out of the auto repair shop all the time. You might not see it working firsthand, but it is necessary for your engine to run. It keeps all your engine components properly lubricated so that your engine can stay reliable over time.  If you want to avoid engine repairs down the road, please do not forget to change it. Your owner’s manual will have everything you need to know about oil changes, including the recommended intervals, oil type, and more.    Tire Pressure -  It’s just as easy t ... read more

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